Ab Åtvidabergs Industrier, Åtvidaberg, Sweden

The company originated from the 1906 founded Ab Åtvidabergs Förenede Industrier. This office furniture company went bankrupt in 1922. A new company was founded in 1923. The new name was Ab Åtvidabergs Industrier. At the same time a small company, Ab Facit, which made calculators, was incorporated. The company expanded and bought in 1938 Halda-Norden (typewriters) and Original-Odhner (calculators). After World War II until late 1960th the company was very profitable and financially strong. Production of Halda typewriters ceased in 1959. In 1965 the name Åtvidabergs Industrier Ab was changed to Facit (see Facit). In the early 1980th Facit had 14 000 employees and operated in 140 countries. However, Facits mechanical office machines could not compete with the increasing output of electronic office machines. In 1972 the company went bankrupt.