Hammond Typewriter Company, New York, USA

Hammond is one of the most interesting writing machines in typewriter history. It was developed by James B. Hammond , a telegrapher during the Civil War. The patent was granted in 1881. There seems to be different opinions whether Hammond was offered on the market in 1881 or 1884. Several Hammond models were introduced with some improvements. The type shuttle could be changed and was offered in 14 different languages. The first models were offered with a beautiful wooden case. The first version of Hammond No.1 had a curved (Ideal) keyboard. In 1889/1889 Hammond appeared with a straight (Universal) keyboard. Hammond No.12, the most common of the Hammond typewriters, was introduced in 1905. A major improvement was the Multiplex in 1913. In 1923 the last model, Hammond Folding, was introduced. When James Hammond died in 1913 his testament awarded the rights to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The patents were sold by the Museum to Frederick Hepburn Company. Under the name “Varityper” a similar typewriter as Hammond was introduced. The company went into bankruptcy in 1933.