International Business Machines Corp.,USA

The company that later became IBM was founded in 1896 as the Tabulating Machine Co. In 1917 it was renamed International Business Machines. The name IBM was adopted in 1946. IBM is a multinational information technology company producing both hardware and software. The history of IBMs electric typewriters starts in 1923. An electric motor for typewriter was developed by James Smathers. It was a power unit that could be attached to typewriters. A new and advanced model of Electromatic came on the market in 1930. The company “Electromatic Typewriters Inc.” was purchased by IBM in 1933. This was the starting point of IBM electrical typewriters.  IBM Selectric typewriter was introduced in 1961. It had a typeball that could be easily changed. Please note that the same idea had been successfully used in the Blickensderfer typewriters (see Blickensderfer).